Fast Food Jungle

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 quote 1 v The Jungle Excerpt

"Workers on the line wear about 8 pounds of chain mail beneath their white coats..." (FFN Ch 8)

"One day a man slipped and hurt his leg..." (The Jungle Excerpt)

Working conditions within the meat packing industry are terrifying. Even with precautions being taking, anything can happen with a slip of the hand or foot.

Chapter 8 quote 2 v The Jungle Excerpt

"We will be walking through some blood." (FFN Ch 8)

"The floors were filthy, yet they set Antanas with his mop slopping the pickle into a whole that connected with a sink..." (The Jungle Excerpt)

Everything about the meat packers is unsanitary. With chemicals and blood coating the floors with traps to catch and reuse scrap meat, there is no say to what else could be going on within these companies that we yet have to find out.

Chapter 8 quote 3 v The Jungle Excerpt

"They are sickened by the fumes." (FFN Ch 8)

"It seemed that he was working in the room where the men prepared the beef for canning, and the beef had lain in vats full of chemicals...." (The Jungle Excerpt)

Both of these quotes refers to the harsh chemicals used within the meat packing industries. Greeley 'sanitizes' to the point of 110 temperatures and Chicago exposes their meat directly to chemicals.

Chapter 8 quote 4 v The Jungle Excerpt

"If a worker agrees to not report an injury, a supervisor will usually shit him or her to an easier job for a while..." (FFN Ch 8)

" was a matter of every day routine." (The Jungle Excerpt)

Workers in the meat packing industry are forced to comply to their bosses in order to keep their jobs and legitimacy within the country for those who illegally transferred over to the United States.

Chapter 8 quote 5 vs The Jungle Excerpt

"Do what I tell you, even if it's illegal....don't get caught." (FFN Ch 8)

"...there was no longer Number one, two, or three grade- there was only number me grade."

This shows that FFN chapters 7-8 focused more on workers and their livelihood and experiences while The Jungle focused more on the meat itself.