This is Luka:

Ella Ratarac

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This is Luka. My brother is 9 years old and he is my hero. This year has been a nightmare for him since the start of the year. He had gotten a virus in August and hasn't been the same since. Fatigue, insomnia, no appetite, body aches, and many other symptoms wrack him everyday. I was up still doing homework at 3:00 a.m. and went downstairs toward the kitchen. Who was there? My little brother cooking mac and cheese. How is a 9 year old still awake at 3 a.m.? Luka has endured so many tests, exams, and hospitals, but still no one has found the cause of this. He has barely been able to see friends, go to school, play sports, and do schoolwork. I'm so proud of how strong he has been and the all other people who have helped us through this time.

Luka's Life Timeline:

My Definition of a Hero

According to the dictionary, a hero is a person who is greatly admires for great/brave acts, or fine qualities. In reality, they might not be greatly admired or widely known, but they possess unbelievable traits or special qualities. They help others and their attributes help get them through the tough times everyone in life experiences. Heroes can be hidden in plain sight or stand out from the rest. They may commit random and ordinary acts of kindness, or have the chance to directly impact a life or lives. They are selfless. Brave. Compassionate. They are people who inspire others to be a greater image of themselves. But, they are human. Just like you, me, and the rest of the world. They are not perfect and obviously make mistakes, unlike the superheroes in fictional writing.


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Connection to Hero

My topic choice was sleep, because I, of course, love to sleep, but I also find the topic of dreams and sleep interesting. I especially am interested in the different things that can influence your dreams/sleep and how your subconscious works. My personal hero is my brother, Luka, who has been very sick since the start of school and has had insomnia which connects to my topic on sleep. Instead of researching insomnia, I chose to research tips/facts for sleeping and dreaming. This choice of topic benefits everyone, because everyone wants to know information on how to get a better night of sleep.


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