Dresden's Monthly Literacy Tips

November, 2019

Reading at home can make a huge difference!

Here are this month's tips and ideas to help cultivate a love of reading at home. Remember to designate a "reading time" where the whole family sits down to read.

A question teachers are often asked over and over again is, “When we go to the library, how do I know what book my daughter/son should pick out?” We suggest that parents can have their children use the five finger rule.

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5 Finger Rule
Be sure to still allow your child to choose books that match their likes and interest. If the books are considered "too hard", this is a perfect opportunity for you to read to your child for their enjoyment. Children can listen and comprehend text at a much higher level than they can read.


Click on the pictures below for this month's engaging literacy websites!

Be excited about reading with your child. It's contagious!