September 11th Terrorist Attacks

By: Madisyn Maxwell

What happend on September 11th 2001?

On September 11th 2001 at 8:46 am American Airlines flight 11 was hijacked by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda and crashed into the north tower of the world trade center in New York City. Throughout that morning there were a total of 4 planes hijacked and crashed, and a total of 2,996 people killed including the 19 hijackers. There was at least 10 billion dollars in damage done that day, including the north and south towers of the world trade center and the pentagon.
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How September 11th was portrayed by the media.

On September 11th 2001 and for many weeks after that day the 9/11 terrorist attacks were all over the media. They were on almost all magazine and newspaper covers, and on every news station that you would turn on. The medias main goal seemed to be to scare America. Titles of articles were things such as "Trail of Terror" or "Terror Inc." 9/11 was the biggest scare to happen to America in a very long time and it terrified us. Many people weren't sure if this was the end, or if there were more attacks that were planned, and they wanted to warn the people that there may be more to come. Also Bin Laden was on the cover of many magazines because America was very angry and wanted him dead.
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Controversy of September 11th:

With the September 11th terrorist attacks there are a lot of controversy. One of the main controversial topics are that the holes in the pentagon are not the same size as a commercial airplane, and it doesn't make since why the plane would have crashed into an area of the building that was vacant due to renovations.

Another thing is that the fuel in the plane could not have heated up enough to melt the steel frame of the towers. It looks as if it was bombs that were strategically placed throughout the building before hand.

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How was September 11th Bias?

A way that September 11th is biased is because every day people die in car accidents, fires, or other emergencies yet you never really see them getting a lot of attention or remembrance. With the victims of 9/11 we are constantly reminded of their deaths and the way that they died, they have gotten many memorials and other things remembering them. A question that is often asked by people is what makes these peoples deaths more important than other ones?
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Criticsm From September 11th.

One type of criticism seen would be cultural criticism. Ever since September 11th America typically associates anyone from the same place or the same religion of the people who were responsible for the attacks as bad. When you get onto a flight and see some of these people you automatically get a little worried and remember about 9/11. There is also a lot of criticism on government officials. They are being questioned as to why they didn't do more to stop this event, how they didn't see this coming, or if they did see this coming why didn't they handle it before it happened. Many people put a lot of blame on the government.
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My Opinion on September 11th.

My opinion on September 11th is that is was a horrible day. No matter if people knew about it before it happened or if it was set up, it was still a very traumatic day. Many innocent people lost their lives that day, and many families lost family members that day. I'm not sure if all the controversial stuff is true or not. In my opinion that stuff is not important, it happened and their is nothing we can do now to have stopped it then. I think it is really important to help to support these different families who were affected.
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September 11th English Project