Soar Report

Nov. 30- Dec. 4

This Week's News

We hope you had a restful and blessed Thanksgiving Break! Mrs. Christie and I are grateful for you and your child!

The next 3 weeks will be super busy as the second nine weeks comes to an end. Please make sure that your child at school on time (before 8:00 am) each day. We will be wrapping up several standards!

Book It!- November Book It forms are due. I'm sending home December Book It forms today!

Bake Sale- Last month I was able to buy a magformer set (ask your kid what it is) for our classroom with our class bake sale money!

Special's Schedule

Monday- computer

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- music

Thursday- computer

Friday- PE

Dates to Remember

Nothing important this week!

This Week's Learning Goals

Letter/Sound of the Week: Kk

Sight Words: two, good, at

CAFE/ELA- 2nd 9 weeks learning goals

  • Spoken words are represented by a sequence of letters
  • Identifying and producing rhyming words
  • Blending sounds to read words
  • Asking and answering questions and retelling
  • Engaging in group activities
  • Sorting
  • Writing one sentence to produce an opinion piece

Math: 2nd 9 weeks learning goals

  • Counting to 60
  • Skip counting by 10's to 50
  • Counting forward starting with a number other than 1
  • Answering how many question (#0-20)
  • Comparing written numbers using more than, less than, equal to (#0-10)
  • Comparing objects using more than, less than, equal to (0-20)
  • Composing and decomposing numbers 11-19 into tens and ones

Social Studies/Science/Health Unit: Winter Holidays Around the World

Leaping Frogs

Congratulations to the following Leaping Frogs for making a 100% on reading sight words, letter sounds, spelling CVC words, and blending CVC words!



Mary Catherine







These Leaping Frogs made a 100% on their sight word spelling test!



This student earned her 3rd Sight Word Super Star for reading 30 sight words!


APTT Goal- Counting to 100

Continue to work on counting to 100!