The Cell and the Organelle

The Plant Cell

The plant cell is structured this way.

1. Cell Wall

2. Plastids

3. Chloroplasts

4. Vacuoles

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The Animal Cell

This is how the animal cell structured.

1. Cell wall

2. Cell membrane

3 chloroplast

4 ribsome

5 Endoplasmic

6 Nuclear membrane

7. Nucleus

8 .Nucleolus

9. Chromosome

10. Vacuole


12. cytoplasm

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Nucleus: It is the center that controls the cell. The nucleus contains the cells hereditary information (F.Y.I DNA) and it controls when the cell is growing an its reproduction
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The nucleus is called bran or can be called the control center of a eukaryotic.
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It is a liquid that fills up the cells.
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The ribsomes are organelles that have RNA and contains proteins.
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It has the energy.
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It is a space that is within the cytoplasm of the cell, it is enclosed by the membrane it has a containing fluid.
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Golgi Body

It is a complex of vesicles with folded membranes that is within the cytoplasm that is of most eukaryotic cells.
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Rough ER

It is a tubular membranes that is within the cytoplasm of the cell,it can be occurring either with a smooth surface or can be studded with ribosomes.
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Smooth ER

A tubular membranes that is within the cytoplasm of the cell that is occuring with either with a smooth surface or studded with ribosomes
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It is a organelle that is in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic that are cells which contain degradative enzymes that is enclosed in a membrane
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Cell Wall

It is a rigid layer of polysaccharides that is lying outside the plasma membrane of the cells of the plants,fungi and bacteria.
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It is a plastid that contains chlorophyll and photosynthesis takes place in it.
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