Word War 1 Fete

Do you know all that happened?

Remember those who fought and falled

Word War 1 had many great battles with many brave soldiers, this was the time Australian men decided to join that band of brothers to fight for their country and what they believe in.

Word War 1 Fete

Thursday, Nov. 6th, 11:15am to Friday, Nov. 7th, 4:30pm

47 Somewhere Road, Some Suburb Vic 4321

On the Day

11:00-3:30 - Enjoy the numerous food, game and information stalls placed through out the fete at your own pace. Learn of the battles of WW1, remember those who fought with bravery and dignity and most of all enjoy the Fete.

- Carnival Games

- Souvenir Stands

- Information Booths

- WW1 information scavenger hunt

- Food Stands

3:30-4:00 - To conclude the day there will be a play to act out the significant battles Australia took part in and a background on the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier.

4:00-4:30 - An ending speach from a surviving soldier of the War to remind us all the bravery the soldiers displayed will stay with Australian Culture forever, "Lest we Forget"

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