What Rank Am I?

And What Does It Mean?

"I didn't even know I was a Director."

If you're new to dōTERRA, or just new to looking on your Dashboard Tab on the website (what we like to call the virtual office) and you've seen that you are a {enter rank here}, you probably thought, "What does that mean?" If that was/is you, you're not alone. Here is more about the Rank system and what they mean and what you need to achieve higher ranks, if that is your goal.

The Ranks

PV is Personal Volume, this is the amount that you personally buy each month, and for each rank there is a minimum monthly PV amount to qualify to be paid at that rank. This only matters if you expect or want to get paid.

OV is Organizational Volume, this is the amount that you plus every person under you (whether they were enrolled by you or sponsered to you, everyone counts for your OV) spends each month.

Legs are made up of the people on your front line (each is the start of a separate leg) and then everyone below each of them. Any person within the leg may qualify you for a rank as long as you personally enrolled that person. What this means is, the first person in one of your legs to reach Executive, will count toward your leg qualification for Premier, as long as you enrolled that person. It does not matter where in the leg they are, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level...etc, makes no difference, but each qualifying Executive that you have, needs to be in 2 separate legs.

Once you hit any rank, that will be your permenant rank, but you have to re-qualify for it each month in order to be paid at that rank for that month. That's why at the beginning of each month, your back office Dashboard goes back to Wellness Advocate until everyone's LRP orders go through.

Wellness Advocate: PV 50 no OV requirement

Manager: PV 100/OV 500

Director: PV 100/OV 1000

Executive: PV 100/OV 2000

Elite: PV 100/OV 3000

After Elite, all higher ranks have Leg requirements:

Premier: PV 100/OV 5000

2 Executive Legs

Silver: PV 100/OV 5000

3 Elite Legs

Gold: PV 100/OV 5000

3 Premier Legs

Platinum: PV 100/OV 5000

3 Silver Legs

Diamond: PV 100/OV 5000

4 Silver Legs

Blue Diamond: PV 100/OV 5000

5 Gold Legs

Presidential Diamond: PV 100/OV 5000

6 Platinum Legs

Double Diamond is someone who has completed through Presidential Diamond, then starts over with a new 2nd tree and reaches Diamond again! Double Blue and Double Presidential Diamonds also exist in this company!!! Those few people have finished the whole tree twice over, and dōTERRA is less than 8 years old! Now that is impressive.

Below is a picture of my Qualifications section (located on the Dashboard Tab) right now. So far this month, I have reached Premier, because I have two legs that have qualified for at least Executive (one is actually Elite this month already). It says that my "Highest Rank" within the "Period" of 09/2015 is Premier. Now if three legs reach Elite, then I'll go back up to Silver (my permanent rank, because I have hit this rank before).

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Here is a graphic showing all of the Leadership ranks, which are Silver and above, and what their structures look like. It also shows the average of the actual incomes of each rank from the fiscal year 2013. Its important to point out too, that each year dōTERRA expands enormously (over 2 million Wellness Advocates, in under 8 years) and these incomes go up with that growth every single year!
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Do You Want To Reach Higher Ranks?

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Elite is The Key!

The rank of Elite is the "magic rank." Elite is when you have an OV of 3000. Usually you have your power of three bonus at the $250 level or are very close to it when you have shared with enough people to reach Elite. For more info on Power of 3 bonuses look for my training on "6 Ways dōTERRA Pays" (I also updated the video about PO3, so check it out again even if you have seen it). The average monthly earning for an Elite is $300 (this is with the PO3 bonus of $250 included); that's enough to cover your oils and then some! I LOVE getting my oil for FREE!

Elites are also special because all of the Leadership Ranks (Silver and above) are based upon building up other people to reach Elite. I like to look at it as Elite is the circle, and each rank is just built upon the grouping of circles in 3s. Here is an image below of the rank Platinum: As you can see, its as easy as helping three people reach Elite, and then helping those three help three more people each to reach Elite.

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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Ranks. As always, if you have more questions, please feel free to contact me.