Dessert Languages (do you get it?)

By Alex Joyce.

The Hebrew Who-Knew!

this dessert was made in bible times, and has been refined to the point of perfection by adding things found in a modern kitchen. try some Hebrew- Who knew!

A Latin Lan-guage

Pronounced "La Gua" this specialty is very easily made American/European dessert that is used in a lot of meals, yet not made by itself nearly enough. This used to be taught from generation to generation and in schools, and is now coming back, little by little, to schools in the U.S.

Babylonian Brownies

A recipe lost for over 2000 years now comes back to life! Researchers pulled out a whole language, and with it, new recipes! Try making some, and tell us how they turned out; remember: they are all brand new, and so we haven't perfected the new foods and recipes found yet!
Language problems
P.S. this Video contains inappropriate language.