Ivan Dmitri



~He was born in Centerville, South Dakota

~He was born in the year of 1900

~His Dad was a congressional preacher

~ Benjamin West is his father

~Throughout his childhood he moved all over North Dakota

~He was interested in art as a child

~He graduated from High school

~His father was also an artist

~He graduated from high school in Harvey, North Dakota

~When Levon West graduated (from high school) he had the highest academic achievements in his class

Life as a Adult

~He graduated from the University of Minnesota

~He attended college for 4 years

~He got a business administration degree

~He founded Photography in the Fine Arts (in 1959)

~Levon West was a student to Joseph Pennell (1925-1926)

~ He admired the artist Whistler

~When he published his etching of the plane "The Spirit of St.Lewis" he was recognized as a great artist

~In 1932, he was a guest artist by the state of Colorado

~When he started doing photography, he did it under the name of Ivan Dmitri

~He was a great photographer

~Levon West made a "Vience set" that contains 5 etchings of Native life in the Hudson Bay

~ He also did water color and etchings of Western Ranch Life

~His artworks are in lots of art museums

~He made ELEVEN books!

~Four of his books were about Photography

~Seven were about etchings

~After he graduated from High School he enlisted into the United States Navy

~1926-1930 Levon West went to Spain and Switzerland

~Levon West died in the year of 1964

~He was presented the Roughrider award on April 13th, 1962

Why did he get the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award?

He was a great North Dakotan citizen and a artist that was well known.
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