Mike Bowden ESL Notes

Weeks of January 5th to January 22nd

The Short Trip to TELPAS

After the Winter Break
Your ELL students may need extra support for two or three weeks to recover their fluency and immediacy.
Sentence starters, response frames, ideas from work partners and extended waiting/processing time are a few scaffolds you can provide.

We All Do It

You plan great lessons, carefully select strategies to help your students connect to content and provide plenty of opportunities to speak every day.

Until we see TESTING looming on the calendar. Then we want to double-down on the preparation.

But It's The WRITING...

The thing that disturbs your sleep and makes you cringe - developing your ELL's writing skills.

For the next six weeks, by adding a writing activity to every content area, how much improvement will your students make?

In the Math Process Skills flipchart there are 55 Response Topics in seven categories - more than enough for daily math content writing for six weeks.

(Please let me know if you need the flipchart).

Want More Help?

Let's make time for a short discussion about additional activities.

Schedule & Availability

Monday Jan 4 - CHAMPS at Hebron 9th

Tuesday Jan 5 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Jan 6 - Forest Vista

Thursday Jan 7 - Flower Mound

Friday Jan 8 - Forest Vista morning only

West Zone LAS meeting at Timber Creek El afternoon

Monday Jan 11 - Flower Mound morning only

LAS Conclave at the Timber Creek Admin Building afternoon

Tuesday Jan 12 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Jan 13 - Forest Vista

Thursday Jan 14 - Flower Mound morning only

Cooperative Learning at the Bolin Center afternoon

Friday Jan 15 - Forest Vista

Monday Jan 18 - Holiday

Tuesday Jan 19 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Jan 20 - Forest Vista

Thursday Jan 21 - Flower Mound

Friday Jan 22 - Forest Vista

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