Internet Safety Tips

Jakub Tekielak

Internet Safety Tips for You!

Internet Safety is very important for a lot of things. If you stay safe on the internet, you won't be able to tarnish your future. Here are some tips for you.

1. Never share your password with anyone.

Passwords are meant to be secret, so don't go telling everybody what the password to your social media is. If you do that, who know what someone could post on your page. It may be very harmful ti your Social reputation and will show up on your Digital Footprint.

2.Avoid Scams

Scams show up a lot. If it has anything to do with surveys or winning a free prize, it is a scam. If you get an email asking for your login information to one of your accounts, do not trust it, as there is a 80% it is a scam.


Always keep Private things to yourself. Do not give away your address, your parents names, your phone number, social security number etc.,. You never know who might be looking through your Social Media profile(s).

4. User Agreements.

Always read User Agreements to the point where you understand all the policies they have and what they can do with what you post/do with your account. A lot of people just click agree without knowing that all their sent snap chats can be used with or against them in any way possible.

5. Don't post bad content.

Lastly, don't upload or post anything that may be harmful. upload things that are neutral or positive towards your future.

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