HAWC Newsletter

September 2013

Fall Training - Confirmed

In less than 2 weeks we're starting training together and I want to share some additional details:

  • Sept 12: Peer Health Educator Certification (8:30 - 5:30)
  • Sept 13: Peer Health Educator Certification (9:00 - 5:00)
  • Sept 14 / 15: Weekend off - nothing scheduled
  • Sept 16: Training (9:00 - 5:00)
  • Sept 17: Training (9:00 - 8:00) Depart SU for Overnight Retreat
  • Sept 18: Training (8:30 - 8:00) at Camps Casey (retreat center)
  • Sept 19: Training (9:00 - 5:00) Return to SU from Overnight Retreat
  • Sept 20: Training & Closing Celebration (9:00 - 6:00)
  • Sept 21: New Student Move In

We recognize and appreciate the commitment you're making to each other and to your peers. As you know we're expecting everyone to attend all of training - Please triple check calendars and call Brendon at (206) 220-8561 if something last minute has come up. The sooner we know about conflicts the sooner we can make necessary adjustments.

Pay special attention to the off campus retreat because we're away, driving together, and will have evening commitments those days. Please call if you have any questions!

We're providing lunches and snacks each day so you don't have to worry about that. Plus, while we're on retreat we're covering all meals.


Our listserve is up and running - to send an email to the group simply email HAWC@seattleu.edu!

Bio and Photo

We want to add your biography and photo to our website! Please send bios (about 100 words) and a photo you'd like to share with the world to wellness@seattleu.edu by September 1, 2013!

To date I've only received Marissa's - THANKS MARISSA!

Welcome Week UPDATE

Here are some all new events that we'll be a part of during orientation and welcome week!

  • Residence Hall Move In (Saturday 9/21)
  • SUPER Scavenger Hunt - amazing race type event with minute-to-win-it type challenge stations (Saturday 9/21, 7:00- 9:30pm)
  • Sex Signals a new sexual assault prevention program this year with skits and improv (Sunday 9/22 3-6pm (shifts))
  • For the Health of It - our wellness fair, very interactive quadstock-ish - music, food, fun, and a larger audience. send any ideas my way ASAP! (Tuesday 9/24, 2-4pm)
  • UREC the night -fitness center open house where we share nutrition information. (Thursday 9/26, 7-9pm)

My hope is to always give you information as soon as I have it - I'd like to kick this year off with a bang and having the whole team present to help out with these events will be key. If you already have something on your schedule at these times that can't be moved, please let me know ASAP so we can plan for that. WOO HOO!

HAWC 13-14 Facebook Group

Check out our super secret HAWC Facebook group which is where we share social events, articles, and casual info!

As an added note: you gotta to add your SU email to your facebook to get connected with this group!

Planning Ahead

Here's a list of things that you will want to keep handy as you plan for training and our retreat!

For Training

  1. Something to write with
  2. Your Calendar (a must for planning)
  3. Waterbottle & Coffee mug (love the planet)

For the Retreat

  1. Bedding (sleeping bag or blankets)
  2. Pillow
  3. Bath Towel
  4. Swimsuit
  5. Toiletries & Medications
  6. Comfortable clothes & sneakers (we'll
  7. Games to share
  8. Flashlight (if you've got one)

Note: smoking is not permitted at Camp Casey - please call me if you smoke and need to discuss arrangements.