Chris Hillman, Logan Elder

What is Stress?

In order to understand what stress you should understand what it is. Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened, upset that affects your body or mental ability in some way.

What types of Stress are there?

There are multiple different types of stress that affects our everyday lives, the main types of stress that effect our everyday lives are both physical and mental stress that can effect our everyday lives even easy tasks

Physical Stress- physical stress can be caused by numerous amount of things physical health is a major factor in someones physical stress. A persons overall physical health can have numerous implications and how it effects someone. This type of stress can effect everyone differently, for example some may take this sort of stress lighter than others although no form of stress is good for anyone

Mental Stress- Mental stress is can be caused by a lot of different things. From work to school stress can have a huge factor on someones cognitive capabilities. Work has proven to be the biggest factor on someones capabilities and how they respond to different situations.



Stress Articles

One of the big articles that we did find included a soldiers first hand account of world and all of them had one major thing in common, they all have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). What is very stressful about their interview is that in recalling their events at war it tends to stress them out an in turn they got PTSD from all of their events at war.


Article 2: The second article that we picked in account with the recent weather in our area. This article is about tornado chasers and all the stress that they undergo with their job being chasing the most dangerous form of weather in the world. They undergo stress in that they risk their lives in every chase that they participate in. When these people go out and they chase these super storm not only are they doing it for research but at the same time they are risking their lives with every move they make because the storms are so unpredictable.


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Techniques to reduce Stress

One such things that doctors and psychiatrists try to suggest is to write out ones feelings to see it all on paper. Talk about your feelings with others and let it all out. Do you something you enjoy that could possibly help you with solving your stress. One things that doctors do say is to focus on the present and do not worry about the past.


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