All about my health

By: Cristian Sanchez

What do you hope to accomplish during High School?

  • Get my high school diploma and be in the top 10%.
  • Be able to get scholarships, and be always on top of my grades.
What do you see yourself doing after high School?

  • Working on the job I always wished and the pathway I'm currently studying.
  • Live the life I should, after all my hard work.
What do you hope your life will be like in your 20's?

  • Having fun on the weekends by hanging out with my friends, while still being a teenager.
  • Go to collage and be focused on what I'm learning and keep working hard.
3 things you can do to improve my health?

  • Eat healthier than what I'm currently eating.
  • have more friends than what I have and hang out with them on the weekends.
  • Work out to stay physically active and healthy on the inside.
At home I like to...

  • Do my homework and do anything I need to do for school.
  • Listen to music and relax from the long day I've had.
At school I like to...

  • Always do my work and be focused while I learn because it's for my own benefit.
  • Make new friends and get to know them better and have a good relationship.

People I like to hang out with...

  • Are my church friends, because we share the same belief and we usually have the same interests, and we always have fun!
I'm good at...

  • I'm great at school, always working my hardest.
  • Playing the clarinet and flute for a band.
A quality I like about myself and that I'd like to change.

  • How my attitude is, my personality, how i'm smart and that's why people like me.
  • Something I would change is my physical appearance and look much hotter.
Something new i'd like to try.

  • Taste of all different foods and all cultures.
  • Learn how to make all sorts of flips.
What do you feel are positive and negatives on your health today?

  • I don't work out as much like on a daily basis.
  • I struggle making new friends, but besides that I am in that social media.
  • I am also smart, which is why some people want me for.