An Audience with Little Lottie

James and Charlotte, it is your time!

Little Lottie awaits to receive you at the Oxley Manor.

Despite high demand, your online application for visitational rights has been successful.

The moment is imminent.

An audience with Lottie.

Sunday, Sep. 27th, 4pm

69 Boulevard du Mont-Boron

Nice, PACA

Free parking available.

Bus service frequent and reliable.

Or you could just, like, walk.


4pm- arrival and formal greeting by parents and grandfather. Dress code check.

4-05pm-Scrubdown of visiting individuals to remove germs carried and bacteria

4-10pm -Distribution of expensive, valuable, gifts, with receipts, for possible Ebay action.

4-25-Guard of honour formation leading to Little Lottie. Please respect tradition, courtesy, and bow.

4-40-Light refreshments served.

4-50 Small talk

5pm-Departure of invitees.

For all your corporate invites with high net worth individuals.