Road Trip in the USA


How will we get to the USA? By cruise ship

We are going to Seaport.And We will cross the Pacific. Watch out for seasickness. :D

Let's get on cruise ship

[로얄캐리비안] 아시아 최대 크루즈 '마리너호' 미리보기

what will we drive on our road trip?

We will drive a Jeep, Because Jeep is possible regardless of the terrain,
The best jeep king for off road

What music will we listen to on our road trip?

Sum 41 - Still Waiting [Lyrics & High Quality]
Our first song is "sum41 - still waiting"

Our favorite lyric is "So am I still waiting For this world to stop hating"

September [HD] - Earth, Wind & Fire

Our second song is "Earth Wind & Fire - september"

Our favorite lyric is: "Love was changing the minds of pretenders"

Who are we?