Erika Anna'Mari Alvarez

Theme -Many peoples actions are based off what society feels or thinks is correct.

This theme shows up in Animal Farm and in The Bell Jar because?

remember 4 quotes in total for this theme

in society current 2016 even that shows that

In the fashion industry many women try to compare themselves like the ladies in the magazines for instance vogue. For girls it could be a deeper meaning than just " oh shes skinny" Girls in general make themselves look different just for the likes of a picture or for a silly boys comments. This relates to The bell jar because Esther always let her job get to her because of the females that work around her they were so beautiful and she never had the comments coming her way. This did affect her mindset about many things. The pigs were like these models that they were envied by the other animals because they wanted to have the same attention or the same pride as the pigs.


The song ''Beautiful'' by Christina Aguilara isn't necessary a song about being insecure but it is a song about not letting other peoples words hurt you or bring you down. One thing about Esther is that she always over thought peoples minor comments and she let the comments hurt her and the pigs from Animal Farm always tried to bring the animals down by throwing their flaws in their faces.

Theme in my life

This theme is one that I can say I live by... I do value others opinions but I value them in a good way such as in animal farm the animals kept their chill they didn't express their depression like Ester from The Bell Jar. I take peoples opinions of me as a learning experience I learn from my mistakes or good choices. No I don't let them get to me or bring me down such as Ester but I can say that the theme of both of these books relates heavily to my life as a teenager growing up with multiple peoples opinions always being voiced.

relevancy of animal farm and bell jar in todays society

People now days need everything done correctly and preciously and if you don't it would make them "useless". In animal farm the pigs were ruling the animals, the animals were illiterate and didn't know how to do things on their own, which is why they followed the pigs. In The Bell Jar people needed things to be done with perfection and Esther always doubted what she was capable of really doing.