Time Flows By As If It's Water

Social Media has become a distraction upon teens

The Problems with Social Media

Time flows by as if it’s water. Whether it's disappointing or not is depended on the person. Whether to spend all their time on Social Media or to go outside may vary. Things like uneasiness or indecision are in everyone's lives. Even so, it is important to appreciate and grow from every kind of result. If one can grow from them, one can understand that all events are for the purpose of growing and can appreciate them. Even so, all must admit that adults and teens has started to become less globally inclined. People are now starting to become distracted in their schoolwork and began using their cellphones at the dinner tables. The amount of time that teens spend on social media has began to rise in these past few years, causing us all to become less respectful. Social Media has become a distraction upon teens, which causes their eating and sleeping schedules to shift. Remember, it’s not about how much time one has, it’s about how one uses it.

How Social Media Is Making People Less Social

People these days are getting carried away with social media. Social Media is all virtual and not face to face. These people do not even realize what is happening in reality and are stuck in the virtual world. These people are becoming less social. They do not develop the necessary interactions with people, when they use their phones all the time. This can be a big problem with this generation, because it can affect how these people live life and interact. If this keeps happening, a lot of people will become awkward and non-social. People these days spend all of their time sucked into social media and do not get to see the real world. “By the time the waiter brought water, he'd already checked Twitter.” (Dewey). People are just way to sucked into the virtual world and they are addicted.

The Solution To Social Media Being A Distraction

The solution to social media being a distraction, is just to put it down. A long time ago, people did not have social media/phones so, if people wanted to talk, they had to do it in person. Now, people just talk online and do not get that interactions, like people did a long time ago. So, if we just put the social media/phones down, we will all be forced to talk in person, and develop human interactions. This will solve the problem. People would also be a lot more productive. This world is corrupted and it is time to fix it, and by just putting the social media down, everyone will be happy. Everyone will also be more productive and this world will be more efficient. "With a third NBA championship ring within reach, LeBron James has no room for distractions, so he is going off the grid: no Twitter, no Facebook, no phone." (Lindsay). Lebron James is putting social media down, and will be more focused.

Social Media is Affecting Our Health

Teens are consumed by social media for seven and a half hours a day. This may affect one’s health and eyesight do to the radiofrequency energy coming from the cell phone which may affect the brain and other tissues. One’s health is important, so one must take care of it an order to live a life without suffering from any aches, pain, or discomfort. To put things simply, if the past makes the present, then the present can and will make the future. When one thinks about it that way; he or she can absolutely have the potential to stay healthy. The amount of screentime and social media may keep one at a disadvantage. Social media also makes us unsocial. Being unsocial causes violent and non-violent offending, substance misuse, truancy, reckless driving, and sexual promiscuity, some of which constitute self evident health risks. “The internet was supposed to make the world smaller, remember? Sure, to an extent, that's certainly happened. For instance, I've got Facebook ‘friends’ in various time zones across multiple continents. That's one of the modern miracles of social networking” (Simon Dumenco). People in this day of age have hundreds to thousands of “friends” on Facebook, making people not care about their friends in real life. Some may even add an anonymous person just so they may seem popular. Media will start affecting health in the near future, but there is still time for one to change. It is better to take what has been thrown away while one still can.

Solutions To Put Down Your Phone

Human beings are strong because we have the ability to change ourselves. There are things that we don't want to happen, but have to accept. Things that we don't want to know, but have to learn. Sometimes, it may just be too late to put down the phone, but there is always hope in this abyss. To take your life back, one must start by putting down their phone. Some solutions are to reduce email noises, limit auto-logins, and stay invisible. By forcing yourself to manually log on, you may question yourself whether you really want to check your Snapchat or not. Stay invisible an order to not get distracted. By turning off the alert for your email, it will reduce the chance of you emailing back. This may reduce the health issues by allowing you to not get as much radiofrequency energy from your phone. With the spare time one may now have, he or she should use that time to communicate with others. Making friends will allow one to be encouraged to go outside and hang out from time to time. The overall effect may surprise you. Maybe there’s only a dark road up ahead that you have yet to explore. Even so, you still have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path and allow you to find your own solution an order to put down your phone.


So with all of this into play, this world will not be awkward and corrupt. People these days are just way into the virtual world and need help getting out. They are very awkward and less social. The people that do not use social media are not awkward and are very social. So obviously the solution of just putting social media down will work. But not everyone can just leave their phones, so there will be some awkward people, and that is ok. Social media can also not be a bad thing, because you can still interact will people and use social media, but not everyone can do that. Most people that use social media are less social and awkward. By placing down the phone, you may discover a bright meadow outside that may allow yourself to bloom.

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