Schools' Expectations

School rules are for the students benefit.

Students should act like young adults, and remember to stay in a child's place when needed.

Students take their teachers for granted. Not only do they teach you, but they also serve as surveillance and a second parent to the children all for minimal pay. Teachers know what is best for students, but they also understand that students are young adults and they need to behave as one or else a punishment is only necessary.

Rules and Regulations

Rules are set in place to benefit schools. Students can't go to the bathroom without permission, because if everyone had the privilege of going whenever they'd overuse it. Students need passes to go to morning or afternoon tutoring because they cannot be freely walking the halls. Therefore a trusted adult needs to have given signed permission to the student for entry into the hallways during early and after hours. Students need these rules to become mature, they need to understand the loss of free will before they can use it properly. If we treated them like the adults we expect them to be they'd disappoint us.

Dress code is also a useful tool to push students into a more mature state.

The Great Expectations

Our specialty

A school's faculty teaches students maturity at young ages, everything teachers do is a model of adult hood. By the time a student enters high school the bar is set high. They are expected to behave like a well mannered adult. Even though they are not treated like adults, holding that expectation is very important for their growth into an even more exceptional adult.

I am the truth.

We punish. We help. We build. We punish (again). We are teachers.