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Fish Stomach At Rest

Fish stomach at rest

Experts say you should dincəltməsi fish after the feast of Ramadan tired bodies .

Ataturk University , Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries . Dr. . Atamanalp Muhammad , Ramadan has been widely consumed red meat , fish, eating dincəməsii so tired bodies should be noted that after the holidays .

Professor. Dr. . Atamanalp , especially in the Eastern Anatolia region of consumption of red meat is too much, too much consumption of Ramadan , he said . Professor. Dr. . Atamanalp , "In our region , which is intense consumption of red meat increased during Ramadan . Fish eating much reduced rate . Ramadan and the rest of the bodies of the citizens may be able to increase the consumption of fish .

Omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish meat , especially all the vitamins needed by the human body . Fish can be used at any time and at any age .

The food is definitely the diet should be included . Muscle development in infants , mental development in children , the elderly, especially in recent years, studies have shown to prevent Alzheimer's . The fish should be consumed close to depression , so good , "he said .