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February 27, 2022

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Solidarity with Ukraine

It is with heavy hearts that we follow the news of war in Ukraine.

We recognize that students and staff may be affected by the conflict. Please know that we are here to support you. If you see persons who are struggling, please encourage them to reach out to our Family Wellness Worker.

On Tuesday, March 1st, all EICS schools, and facilities will be standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine by wearing the national colours of blue and yellow. At 11:00 a.m., we will have a moment of silence across the division to pray for peace in Eastern Europe.

Please watch this youtube video to hear the prayer from Bishop David Motiuk of the Ukrainian Catholic Church out of Edmonton

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School Council will be making Pancakes for all children on Tuesday March 1 for lunch. Students will receive, Pancakes, fruit cups and juice box at LUNCHTIME. Please send other snacks with your children for the rest of the day.

What is Shrove Tuesday and why Pancakes?

Shrove Tuesday takes place on a different date each year, depending on when Easter falls. In 2022, Shrove Tuesday takes place on March 1st. Long ago, after people went to church to confess their sins on Shrove Tuesday, they often returned home to have a feast. One of the dishes that was often made was pancakes. And that tradition has continued to this day.

1)Shrove Tuesday is a day that's celebrated by many Christians around the world before the start of Lent. That's the six-week period that leads up to Easter

2) The exact date of Shrove Tuesday changes from year to year. But one thing stays the same — it’s always 47 days before Easter Sunday. And yes, you guessed it, it’s always on a Tuesday!

3) The name comes from the old word ‘shriving’, which means to listen to someone’s sins and forgive them. In Anglo-Saxon England, Christians would go to church on Shrove Tuesday to confess their sins and clean their soul. In other words, they would be ‘shriven’.

4) In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and Canada, Shrove Tuesday has another name… Pancake Day! Traditionally during Lent, Christians would give up rich, tasty foods such as butter, eggs, sugar and fat (some Christians continue to do so, in fact). Shrove Tuesday was the last chance to eat them – and what better way to do so than with a delicious pancake!

5) Today, people continue to whisk up these yummy treats on Shrove Tuesday — and they add all kinds of tasty toppings, too, such as fruit, honey, chocolate and ice cream! But check this out; pancakes aren’t only for eating during this fab festival — people race with them, too!

6) In other countries, Shrove Tuesday has different names. In Germany, for example, it’s called ‘Fastnacht’ (meaning ‘Eve of the Fast’) and in Iceland it’s called ‘Sprengidagur’ (meaning ‘Bursting Day’). In France and some other parts of the world, the festival is called ‘Mardi Gras’, from the French phrase meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’. And for many people, Mardi Gras means party time…

7) Lots of cities around the world celebrate Mardi Gras with vibrant street parties featuring live bands, colourful parades, and elaborate fancy-dress costumes! Some of the world’s largest and most famous Mardi Gras celebrations take place in New Orleans in the USA, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Venice in Italy

Perfect pancake recipe! YOU CAN MAKE WITH YOUR CHILDREN

What you’ll need:

100g plain flour
2 eggs
300ml semi-skimmed milk
Pinch of salt
1tbsp sunflower/vegetable oil
Butter for frying
Frying pan

Yummy toppings – such as lemon, chocolate spread, marshmallows, fruit, or whatever you fancy!

  • 1) Take a bowl and pour in the milk and oil, then break in the eggs. Now take the whisk and beat the ingredients together to make a frothy mixture.
  • 2) Once that’s done, take another bowl and mix together the flour and a pinch of salt with your hands. Messy!
  • 3) Now slowly pour the liquid into the middle of the flour mixture, whisking all the time, until the batter you’re making is quite runny. If it’s a little lumpy, keep whisking away until your pancake mix is nice and smooth!
  • 4) With an adult’s help, warm the frying pan to a medium heat, then add a little butter. Once it’s melted, ladle in enough pancake mix to cover the bottom of the pan, then tilt it in a circular motion so the mix spreads evenly. Now you’re cooking!
  • 5) Now for the fun bit! When your pancake starts to brown underneath, hold the pan- handle in one hand, slide the spatula under the pancake and flip it over. Next, ask an adult to help you flip it the fancy way!
  • 6) Repeat steps one to four for each pancake and stack them high! Traditional toppings are lemon juice and sugar. But you can also try chocolate spread, peanut butter, fruit, honey, whipped cream or a healthy dollop of yogurt. Tuck in and enjoy!

... Information from National Geographic Kids

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Ash Wednesday Mass

What is Ash Wednesday and why do we celebrate it?

Ash Wednesday is a solemn reminder of human mortality and the need for reconciliation with God and marks the beginning of the penitential Lenten season. It is commonly observed with ashes and fasting.

Ash Wednesday Mass will be Virtual from OLPH Parish at 12:15 on Wednesday, March 2nd. You can join the schools virtually on the parish Website

Due to Mass being at 12:15 .... the school schedule changed for this day only.

Student Lunchtimes will be altered on this day.

Gr 1, 2, and 2/3

11:00 - 11:30 ... Lunch Recess Outside

11:30 - 12:00 ... Inside Eating Lunch

Gr. 3, 4

11:00 - 11:30 .... Inside Eating Lunch

11:30 - 12:00 .... Lunch Recess Outside

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AHS Checklist is still in effect ... please follow


If your child is ill or is in close contact, please follow the AHS Daily Checklist guidelines.

If you are not sure what to do, you can call 811.


Please click the blue box below ... this will take you to AHS Daily Check List

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1 .NEW Kindergarten FULL DAY EVERY DAY 8:30 am - 3:15 pm ... FEE $425 month

will run if there is community interest.

2. Kindergarten is full days 8:30 am to 3:15 pm

Monday, Wednesday, and designated Fridays

3. Kindergarten full days 8:30am - 3:15 pm

Tuesday, Thursday, and designated Fridays

4. Kindergarten Pathways (5-year-old students with specialized assessments)

... criteria or entrance

5. Pre K - PUF Pathways (3 & 4-year Early Intervention with specialized assessments)

... criteria for entrance

More Kindergarten Info click this BLUE BOX /button

Kindergarten Information for 2021 - 2022 School Year

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Madonna Events


1- Shrove Tuesday -- School Council will be making pancakes


2 - Ash Wednesday Mass Live Streamed at 12:15

2- EARLY Dismissal SCHOOL IS OVER AT 2:15

2 -Swimming Lessons AM 3G and 4P Final Lesson

3- Swimming Lessons AM 1F , 1N ,

3- Swimming Lessons PM 2/3 H , 2 S


10 - Swimming Lesson 1F, 1N

10 - Swimming Lesson 2/3H, 2S Final Lesson

23 - 3 Way Conferences

24 - 3 Way Conferences

25 - No School ... Day In Lieu

March 12 @ 5 pm First Reconciliation Mass at OLPH Parish for Madonna students that are registered. Call the Parish if you want your child (Gr2, Gr3 or Gr4) ... to have their first reconciliation and first communion. This is a Madonna School Event.


It is still COLD OUTSIDE, please send your child with WARM clothes.

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A Message from our Family Wellness Worker was sent home on Friday ... please note it below too.

Eye See . . . Eye Learn™ is an eye health and vision program for kindergarten age children in Alberta.

80% of learning is visual, which makes having a comprehensive eye exam an important start to a child’s learning journey. The first step is to book an appointment with a doctor of optometry. They will check your child’s vision and eye health during an examination. These exams are covered by Alberta Health*. If it is determined that your child requires eyeglasses, they will receive a free pair through the program. The doctor of optometry will order the glasses for you once the examination is complete. The glasses are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

A child is eligible from the September they begin kindergarten to when they begin Grade One.

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1 N Pink Shirt Day

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Grade 2 Celebrating Feb (02), 22, 2022 .... " 2 Day"

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2/3 H Pink Shirt Day

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2 LaRose

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MCS Staff

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