May Birthdays

2 Jennifer Smith

7 Zulema Silva

13 Lynn Fisher

17 Phil Homiller

21 Mike Robertson

27 Gayle Higgs

29 Penny Crooks

29 Steve Luck

30 Anthony Cappello

31 Tim Horsley

Your Life on Earth


Your Life On Earth is a feature of the BBC's Earth website. Your Life On Earth shows you how the world has changed during your lifetime. Enter your birthdate and Your Life On Earth will show you things like how much the world's population has grown, how many new species have been discovered, and how many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have occurred since you were born.

Free Technology for Teachers

What Was the Number One Song on the Day You Were Born?

Throwback Machine - Hear the top 100 songs from the year you were born.

YouTube Time Machine - Pick a year, click Refresh and travel through time. - Just type in the year of your birth and this unusual site will take you back to examine that year and some changes that have occurred since then.