my smore flyer

by Devin333

Appalachian highlands

Extends from eastern canada to western alabama. Includes the piedmont.

Old rounded mountains. Oldest mountains in north america. Piedmont the plateau area at the foot of the appalachian mountains. I like the appalachian highlands because it sounds like a very fun place to explore and i wanna learn more about it.

On a rate of 1-10 i pick 9 becuase it is a high place and not all zombies will be able to climb but some will be able to and u will have to shoot them.

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Coastal plain

I like the coastal plain region because its located next to water and some of the zombies might be scared to go in the water. it stretches along the atlantic ocean. it also borders the golf of mexico. It has wide lowlands,excellent harbors and long sandy beaches. I would rate this about a 8.
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