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Thank You all for being such welcoming and engaging teachers! We had a blast hanging out with you today! We appreciate the invitation from and gracious hosting of OKE.

Have a GREAT week!!!

Kayla Gentry

Kayla Gentry is beginning her 7th year as a music teacher at Wayne A. Cox Elementary in Northwest ISD. She earned her Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of North Texas and is currently pursuing her Masters at Southern Methodist University. Mrs. Gentry is a certified Kodály educator having earned her OAKE endorsed certificate in July of 2013 through the Plano Kodály Teacher Program at Southern Methodist University. She served for 2 years as the North Texas Representative for the Kodály Educators of Texas. Mrs. Gentry was one of the directors of the NISD All-District Honor Choir that performed at TMEA in 2013.

Erin Pitts

Erin Pitts is beginning her 8th year as music teacher at Roanoke Elementary in the Northwest ISD. She earned duel Master Degrees in Conducting and Music Education from Southwestern Seminary, Fort Worth, TX and a Bachelor of Music Education from Anderson University, Anderson, SC. Mrs. Pitts is a certified Orff educator having completed Level 3 Orff training at SMU in June of 2010. Mrs. Pitts’ Roanoke "Loud and Proud" choir, consisting of 160+ students, grades 3-5, was invited in March of 2011 and 2013 to participate and perform at the "Arts Education Day at the Capitol" in Austin, Texas. Mrs. Pitts was invited to be the guest director of the South Carolina ACDA Elementary Honor Choir in October of 2012.


  • Begin and end on time
  • Silences cell phones, if you need to take a call please step out into the hall.
  • Feel free to take restroom breaks as needed.
  • Be open/respectful of all ideas shared
  • Respect the creators
  • Have FUN!!!

What is an "Elementary Music Sub Tub?"

Standard driven activities

  • Meets National and State Standards

Reinforces classroom learning

  • Practice known concepts

Center format

  • Can be leveled by the students
  • Can be implemented by a substitute without an understanding of music

Cobbler, Cobbler

The Activity:

Main Focus: s/m and ta/titi. Use student shoes, a high/low line (make this out of string, tape, etc) and hearts to create an interactive rhythmic and melodic dictation activity.

What "Elementary Music Sub Tub" activities can connect:

  • Melody Tic Tac Toe
  • Rhythmic Tic Tac Toe
  • Melody Makers
  • High Five

Come Back Home

The Activity:

Main Focus: sml (mi la turn). Good review for voice types and call/response.

What "Elementary Music Sub Tub" activities can connect:

  • Melody Tic Tac Toe
  • High Five
  • Melody Makers

I See the Moon

The Activity

Main Focus: smd. Use a five line staff with iconic notation to create a rhythmic and melodic dictation activity.

What "Elementary Music Sub Tub" activities can connect:

  • Rhythm Tic Tac Toe – Yellow Cards
  • High Five – 2nd Grade Set
  • Melody Makers – 2-5th Grade levels

Grandma Grunts

The Activity

Main Focus: mrd

Have students locate the mrd pattern. Add body percussion.

What "Elementary Music Sub Tub" activities can connect:

  • Melody Tic Tac Toe

Here are some pictures from our workshop!

Resources from our Workshop

Master Cards

We used these documents for various transition and assessment activities

Feel free to make copies for your classroom.However, please do not reproduce to share outside of your classroom.
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This is a GREAT app for classroom management/grades. Below you will find a button that will connect you to the company website, which has some wonderful video tutorials that will help you quickly set-up this app. The app is not free, it runs about $10, but it is WORTH IT!!!

For More Questions or Information:

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Kayla Gentry and Erin Pitts

Look at "Elementary Music Sub Tub's" at work!