Ancient Greece

By: Lillie Lamont


My project is about Ancient Greece, my first topic is The Beginnings of Ancient Greece. In this topic I learned how the Greek Civilation began. My second topic is Slavery in Ancient Greece, I learned what life for the slaves back then was like. My third topic is Daily Life in the Age of Pericles, in that I learned about what the Greeks daily life was like. That is what you will learn about in the following paragraphs.

The Beginnings of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece began around 1900 and 1600 BC. They came from east of the Caspian Sea, keeping to their cattle as they went. The Acheans were the first invaders, the Durians came three to four centuries later. The Aegan basin is the land that got invaded, for their cities had palaces, and pottery made from gold and bronze. The Greek invaders were at barbairian stage, they destroyed cities. Slowly they settle and intemarried with the people they conquered.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

What some people don't know is that Ancient Greece at one point had slaves. Infact a large population wasn't free, two-fifths were slaves. Kidnapping men or boys from barabarian were another steady source of supply. If a slave was educated he was in great demand. Sometimes an Athean slave often had a chance to obtain his freedom. However most slaves had a miserable life.

Daily Life in Pericles

Although slavery freed the Atheans from drudgery, they still lived simple lives. The ate two meals a day, cheese was a very common food. They had two storied homes, made of sundried clay bricks. There houses didn't have chimneys, they just had small holes in there ceiling. Plus there weren't any windows on the first floor, and there wasn't any plumbing. The men exercised in the fields and performed military duties. While the men did that, the women stayed at the house doing household chores.


This is the end of my project. My topics were The Beginnings of Ancient Greece, Slavery in Ancient Greece, and Daily life in the Age of Pericles. The most interest topic to me was Daily Life in the Age of Pericles. I especially like learning about there houses and how they survived. I hope you enjoyed my project.


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