The Empire

Cultural Customs

Languages Spoken - Arabic

Cuisine/Diet - Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Goat, Spinach, Baobab leaves, and rice.

Clothing - Animal Skins, Leather, Fur

Traditions/Customs - Written Tradition and Oral Tradition

Music/Art - Drums, Dancing, Geometric Designs, Folktales, Calligraphy, and Textiles.

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Traditional Religion - Islam

Adopted Religion - Mansa Musa became the first West African ruler to devoutly practice islam

Key Practices and Beliefs - After Muhammed died Muslims put his teachings in in a holy book called the Qur'an. This book teaches that Allah is the one and only god. It also says that people must obey Muhammed's laws and teachings. Muslims believe that there is a definite beginning and end.

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Size - At its greatest extent 498,072 sq miles in 1312 (during Mansu Musa's reign)

Land forms/Water sources - They used the Sahara desert for Trans Saharan Trade, and they used the Niger River which they use to fuel their agriculture.

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