Bob Dylan

The life and influences of Bob Dylan's Music

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Early Life

  • He admired the sound of poems and guitar
  • Rock and roll in bands in high school
  • Folk music in college
  • High school
  • music class
  • guitar teacher
  • born during the cold war, after World War Two
  • Lived in Hibbing, Minnesota
  • At age nineteen he went to New York to comfort Woody Guthrie in the hospital, he sang to him and was told to stay in New York and sing

Bob Dylan's musical influences

  • High school
  • Wars
  • Musical classes
  • stories
  • Passion
  • His English teacher
  • the news
  • his beliefs

Time Period

  • Born in 1941
  • Still alive
  • Born in the Cold war
  • President Roosevelt was president
  • Grew up with war
  • 1940's began with wars in Europe, Asia, and the U.S
  • In 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
  • The 1950's brought the cold war, after world war two, between *communist and non- communist
  • World war two from 1939- 1945
  • Physicists at Berkley, California, created an atomic bomb
  • *Communism- a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs ( the government decides their income )

Bob Dylan's music

  • American music
  • Rock music
  • Folk Music
  • 1963
  • ("Blowin' in the Wind" )
  • ( "Masters of Wars" )
  • 1965
  • ( "A Hard Rains A- Gonna Fall" )
  • ( "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" )
  • 1979
  • ( "Tambourine Man" )
  • 1980's
  • ( "Restless Farewells" )
  • The Key to Dylan's success was his voice
  • His aching, soaring vocal conveys real emotion and pain over the "many thousand gone"
  • His music is thick, electronic sounding
  • It has a fog of *riffs, and sound effect and rhythm
  • In 1965 Bob Dylan became a household name and official icon
  • *Riffs- a short repeated phrase frequently played over changing chords or harmonies or used as a background to a solo improvisation

Interesting Facts

  • Bob Dylan didn't want to be famous
  • He didn't like having authority
  • He is a great poet
  • Dylan loves the sound of poems put to music