Air Pollution

Its affects on health and society.

Effects on Health

If you are exposed to air pollution you have the possibility of getting respiratory diseases and if you already have a respiratory disease(s) it can make it hard to breathe or even make symptoms worse while you are exposed to air pollution. An example is with asthma it can aggravate your symptoms or it can even put lots of stress on your cardiovascular system. Even if you don't get a respiratory disease or didn't already have one air pollution still might have affected you by increasing your risk for heart attack or stroke.
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What YOU can do!

Conserve energy when you are not using something turn it off to save energy. Use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. Combine errands for fewer trips. Limit driving by carpooling, using public transportation, biking, and walking. Avoid idling your vehicle. Also avoid using solid fuels like wood or charcoal for cooking or heating indoors or it can make the air unsafe for you to breathe.

What are some of these pollutants?

There are 6 main causes to air pollution. These pollutants are Carbon Monoxide, Lead, Nitrogen Oxides, Ozone, Particulate Matter, and Sulfur Dioxide.