Alex, Paul, Abeo, Jasper, Denise

Historian, Abeo Hicks

About 4,000 years ago the Athenians settled on a huge rock that was more than 300 ft tall. I think they did this because they wanted to get away from the big animals and other kinds of creatures.

In Greece lots of the villagers started to move away because the food was becoming scarce and the villagers could no longer stand the hunger so they moved away to find new land.

The Geeks worshiped people who they called Gods. They thought that Gods where just like people, they thought that they fell in love got married and had kids, eating food, pretty much anything a human can do.

The Greeks invented a “Wheat Grinder” they used it to grind wheat, they used a stone and a stick. The stone had two slants inside of it, and the stick was smooth and strong. First, you pour the wheat into the stone slants and you move the stick back and forth pushing the stick down to get the wheat crushed.

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Anthropologist, Alex Zhuang

The Athenians were part of the Ancient Greek civilization and lived in two-story houses that were made out of sun-dried brick. Their houses stood on long, skinny, winding streets. Their only source of heat was a brazier, and even in the Winter, they only had the dish of burning charcoal. On the roof, there was a big hole to let out smoke from the kitchen. In the center of the house, was a wide open court, and in the court was the miniature bedrooms that they slept in. Also, both the men's and woman's apartment was located in the court. Refuse was thrown into the streets and there was no plumbing. Meanwhile, most of the life in the city was outdoors. Men spent their time talking, serving as juries, and they also preformed in the military. Woman, on the other hand, took care of the house, and they never took part in parties for comedy or state festivals.

Some ways that the Ancient Greeks were advanced were that they studied things like mathematics and astronomy. Plus, they were the first civilization to build an university. The Ancient Greeks also had a well developed secret military communication. They created the communication by using a tool called the scytale, which is made out of a wooden staff and a long strip of a writing material, which can include paper, parchment, or leather. This method only works if the scytale has an identical thickness. To change the text into ciphertext, the plain text would first be written down the staff on the paper. Then, that would be unwound before it was dispatched. After that, all that could be seen on the unwound material was a group of randomly organized letters, which were also unconnected.

Greek gods and goddesses were very important to the Ancient Greeks, and they believed that they watched over them. The Ancient Greek believed that the Greek gods and goddesses were immortal, they were like humans, and that they were extremely powerful. The Ancient Greeks made temples for them, all in different sizes. Inside the temples, there were amazing decorations. There were also statues of the gods and goddesses in them. One example of a temple is the Parthenon located in Athens, which is also the most famous temple. In addition to the temples, every city had a special 'patron' god or goddess. The people in each city believed that their patron watched over their city and protected them from danger.

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Anthropolgist Jasper

The Greeks thought that the gods watched over them from Mt. Olimpus. Mt. Olimpus was the tallest mountain in the world and was the home of the gods. The people believed that the gods gave them food and health, but could also give them starvation and famine. They worshiped the gods for they were most powerful and could never be destroyed.

Voting was VERY important to the Greeks. As a punishment for crimes, they took away the right to vote! Athens, one of the strongest city-sates, was the first to develop democracy. Which we still use today. Democracy is when you and anyone can vote for some kind of ruler.

When the Greeks met up with the Phoenicians, who were trading people from the middle east, they had a written language and the Greeks didn’t! So the Greeks took there language changed it and 'improved it' and that was the Greeks first written language.

The Greeks communicated by sending letters. There would be messages (people) who would bring the letter from one person to the next. Hermes was the messenger of the gods. It was mostly important people who sent letters because the messagers might have to bring the letter a long way. The older term for letter is 'epistle' which comes from the word 'epistole' which means message in Greek.

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Archeologist of ancient Greek by Paul Tsui

Ships were used not only for transporting goods, but also used for luxury.Right before sailing the sailors prayed to the god of the ocean: Poseidon for the sea on their favor. Ships were not only used for trading there was war ships.these ships could hold 20 soldiers for combat in the sea.The gods were to be the most power fullest thing to be alive. The gods were Apollo,god of medicine and music.Ares,the god of war. Dionysus, the god of wine. Hephaestus, the god of crafting and blacksmiths.Hermes, the messenger god and god of robbers. Hades, the god of the underworld. Poseidon god of the sea. Zues, god of the sky.the goddesses were Hera, the goddess of the earth. Arthrodite, the goddess of beauty. Athena, the goddess of wisdom.These stories of these powerful people were told to explain the unknown. As today, there is republicans and demoncratics, back in ancient Greece, there was only democracy. There were also anti-demoncratics. That started the Peloponnesian War. By 420, it was the first decade of the war. Greece had the biggest legacies. Sculpting and painting were really big back then. Sculpters were usally sculpted gods or people they know. They also invented prefume pots by mashing flower petals and sealing it up. They also invented oil lamps. The mosi important invention was the Oympics but it only included track, wrestling, and discus.
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Geographer, Denise Blanco Ayala

In Greece the olive tree was the most important tree. The Greek civilization smashed olives in order to make olive oil, but people would also eat them raw. Both for breakfast and lunch they had bread and for dinner they had porridge (a meal that is boiled with milk). As a desert they ate nuts, figs, and cakes naturally sugared. Only rich people could eat much meat. Greece is found between many countries and many seas, some are: Bulgaria, FYROM, and Albania, Turkey, Aegan sea. But if you would look on a map and u would look at the southern and western part of Greece you would see that the Mediterranean sea is surrounding it. Greece is located in Europe's southeast end. And it is the southern most country of the Balkan peninsula. I would say that Ancient greece was geographicaly lucky because they were very close to the Mediteranean sea, Agean sea, and the Black sea, ETC.And if they have water they can grow plants and drink water. (it is a peninsula). The dirt was suitable for many plants and they would grow fast.

Greece is located where ancient Greece was located before. It is Located in southeast of Europe, more than 2,000 years ago one of the world's great cicvilzation flourished.The whole iidea of democracy and government was begun in Ancient Greece. The Greek civilizations wrote plays and are still performed today. A lot of stuff that were done in ancient Greece are still done now!

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