Explore Louisiana

The Pelican State

Top 5 Travel Attractions, New Orleans (Louisiana) - Travel Guide

Places to Visit

*Louisiana State Museum

*Atchafalaya Basin

*Aquarium of the Americans

*Mardi Gras World

*Audubon Zoo


In Louisiana,in the Summer it is hot and humid.

In the Winter it is mild and rainy.

It is one of the wettest states in the U.S.A.

5 cool Things to Learn in Louisiana

* Louisiana also has some mountains.

* The Audubon Zoo has white Tigers,Sea Lions and Orangutans.

* They shut everything down for sports because the Saints where playing the Colts and the Saints won.

* Mardi Gras is like the Super Bowl but way bigger.

* Louisiana is full of bike trails bikers come from all over the country to bike on the trails.