Christmas In Bethlehem

By: Katelyn Allen

What is the biggest difference between Christmas in that country and Christmas in the United States?

- The biggest difference is that on Christmas Eve natives and visitors crowd the churches and go on the roof to watch a parade then procession solemnly enters the doors and places an ancient effigy of the Holy Child in the church. Stairs lead to a grotto where visitors find a silver star marking the site of the birth of Jesus.

How do these people celebrate Christmas?

- These people have a parade in honor of baby Jesus. They celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Who brings gifts?

- They all give gifts to each other and receive gifts from family and friends.

How do they decorate?

- They decorate with Christmas trees, lights, and nativity scenes in honor of Jesus Christ.

Are they any other holidays that are celebrated beside December 25? (For example, 
any other dates in December or in January?

They also celebrate New years eve which is the celebration of a new year.

What foods are eaten in this country?

They eat lots of bread with stews, dips, and small dishes.