MB's Class News

February 2017

January Went By Soooooo Fast!

Daily 5 CAFE Boot Camp was such a great way for us to welcome in the New Year! The students read, wrote, and worked with words showing off their independence and further building their stamina. Many mid year assessments were completed in reading, writing, and spelling, and the results were all used to fill out January report cards. Great news everyone improved in all or most areas! Students also awarded new good fit books. Our STWEAM project for how animals use their body parts to survive began in January, and is almost complete. Students listened to and discussed four books from the series "What if you Had...Animal Teeth, Hair, Ears, and a Nose, and then chose a fact to highlight, and recoded it on a graphic organizer. Then students created a visual to go with their facts on beautiful and handsome black and white photos by Marina DeMarco. Thank you so much Marina! The students' work is currently being published and will be placed on the bulletin board in our hallway soon. Come in and check it out when you can. You WILL learn something new!!!

February Dates To Remember!

Valentine's Day Sharing and Food Buffet for Students Tuesday, February 14th, 10:30 am!

Jump a Thon! Join us and cheer us on in the gym from 1:15-2:00 on Feb. 14th if you can!

February Vacation begins on Saturday, February 18th and we head back to school on Monday February 27th.