I'm Not All That

By: Brooke Pelfrey

My Fable,

Not too long ago, al a school named Aubrey Bend, there was a named Sally Foster. She was the most popular girl in her grade. She always picked on this on girl that hardly anyone knew, her named was Gretchen Jones. She was not the most popular, or athletic, but she was very nice. You would never know that she was the person that everyone picked on, especially Sally. One day Sally was in reading with Gretchen, the two girls were partnered up to write a paper. Sally was not happy about her partner, but she knew that this was the chance to put Gretchen down. After the two girls had worked for a while, Sally knew that what she had been doing to her was wrong, and Gretchen was a really nice girl that was bullied. Gretchen had told her that she was really hurting her feelings. After sally said sorry, the stated to work and ended up having the best paper in the class and now are best friends.


The theme of this story is to never judge a book by its cover, and also that you never how people feel after you say something hurtful or rude to them.

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This is Sally Foster

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This is Gretchen Jones

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Never jugde a book by its cover