25th February

Your special day is coming soon!

Are you aiming to hit star this year? This day is for you!!! Would you like to be paid 12% on your team sales? Would you like to grow a team and work towards a big goal with Stella & Dot? This day is designed for you! Do not miss your chance to have intimate coaching and time with Veryan and Kathleen from Head Office. You are receiving this invitation because I know you are aiming for the star! Good luck and let your sponsor and I know how we can help you on your way.

Rise to STAR Day

Tuesday, Feb. 25th, 12pm

Hammersmith, Central London

Head Office is leading this event. More info to follow!

Cost is £20 and then you receive a pouch for £19. SO training costs £1 :) Then if you sell £1000 by then your gift will be upgraded. OOooooo! Can I come?