Budget Tips for Teens

By: 161514

Tip 1

Wait for the Sales

Lots of stores have sales but you just have to wait for them.

Tip 2

Save your money for necessities .

Saving your money for this you NEED not WANT.

Tip 3

Stay Away

Stay away from places you know you are tempted to spend money.

Tip 4

Find Ways

Find ways to make money and then save.

Tip 5

Save Cash for Emergencies or Just Going out with Friends

Try to make the cash last for as long as possible. Don't blow it all on one night.

Tip 6

Ask Your Parents

Ask your parents to open a savings account and start saving part of your money

Tip 7

Become Responsible

Become responsible with your money and what you are buying.

Budgeting 101 for the Financially Wise Teen