Climetrics Sustainability Software

Business Sustainability Analytics & Carbon Accounting

Climetrics - Energy management and Carbon Management software

CliMetrics provides organizations with actionable and real-time intelligence to facilitate environmental sustainability performance and shape new business value.

CliMetrics business software helps organizations create business value by measuring and optimizing energy consumption, water use, waste management and emissions across mid-sized business and large enterprises.

The secure Carbon accounting software product is designed to be flexible, support enterprise-wide environmental sustainability initiatives provide automatic reporting to comply with the various climate registries and deliver tools that help organizations manage and trade carbon credits and offsets. Reports can also be tailored for use in social media and other communication channels.

Presented in an easy to access and intuitive online interface, the solution empowers stakeholders by centralizing all greenhouse gas data including CO2, CH4, NO, and SH4 for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Water usage and hazardous waste are also included in the solution. CliMetrics software helps global organizations manage their environmental initiatives in a standardized and auditable manner.

Key benefits:

Cloud-based solution, quick to implement:

CliMetrics Business is delivered to our clients via a secure Carbon Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Within hours, your account can be created allowing users to start inputting and analyzing environmental sustainability data.

Environmental Sustainability Goals:

Establish, track and manage various environmental sustainability goals and sustainability analytics at organizational or individual site-level. Fuel use and emissions data can be entered at a very granular level to monitor progress in real-time with accuracy and precision.

Organizational structure:

To enable consolidated as well as a granular reporting, replicate the exact structure of your national or global organization within the software. The main levels include:

  • Geographical regions (e.g. USA, Iowa)
  • Organizational divisions
  • Individual sites (e.g. plants, offices, distribution centers)

Streamline Greenhouse Gas Inventory:

A single, centralized repository enables you to manage organization-wide Greenhouse Gas emissions and other environmental data. The solution is designed to allow data entry by staff members at any location via an intuitive web-based interface.

Environmental KPIs:

Jump-start your environmental performance tracking by leveraging out-of-the-box Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Customize existing KPIs or define your own.

Carbon Registry Reporting:

Automated generation of carbon footprint reports in compliance with multiple reporting standards such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, Global Reporting Initiative, EPA’s Climate Leaders Initiative, ISO 14061 standards and more.

Social media and investor communications:

Enrich social media communications as well as annual investor reports with various quantitative performance metrics and trends reports.

Data transparency:

CliMetrics business features an approval process between individual users or groups to ensure that data is accurate and actionable.

Audit reports:

Within the web-based interface, users can find audit reports covering any data or business rule changes. These are tied to individual users of the system.