Sleeping Freshman Never Lie


"Tech prep," Patrick said. "Isn't that what you have?" "Nope." So that explains why they weren't in my classes



Then she smiled and put her hand on my cheek. "It's sweet you were worried. Most people would probably prefer me dead. No chance- I have a zest for life. And far too unread books."


On my way out the cafeteria, this big guy knocked my books from under my arm. He grinned and said, "oops. Must suck to be a freshman." Then he Strutted away


when Mr.Franka tells Scott he has a talent for writing and ask if he would be interested in joining a club for writing in the paper and doing book reviews.


i wanted to ask ask if they had seen Julia but didn't want them to think i was obsessed with her. He likes Julia enough to join every club she joins.
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Scott loves writing. i don't consider writing one of my hobbies but when i feel down or have problems i like to write my problems down i take my anger out on paper basically.


I think Scott's goals in the future is too become a writer. He loves writing and i think he would love to have a job where all he does is write. He also writes for the school paper so he is getting started on his life goals.