Jane Eyer

by Charlotte Bronte

By: Lew Marsolek


Jane was an orphan; her parents were very poor and both died of typhus. She grew up with her aunt Reed and her cousins. Her aunt was crazy and treated Jane poorly. So one day Jane is accused of starting a fight with a cousin and is locked away in "the red room". The red room is scary because her uncle died in that room. Jane screams for mercy as he thinks that she has seen a ghost. The doctor comes to visit Jane after she has screamed herself sick. The doctor convinces Mrs. Reed to send Jane to school. Jane is excited to go to school because she can leave her aunt's cruelty. She tells her aunt off before she leaves and after a long wait, Jane is able to go to school.
Jane goes to school and her best fiend that is there ends up dying. Jane stays at the school for many more years as a teacher. After enduring the school for so long, Jane leaves to become a governess. At the house that she governs for, there is a young man that runs it. Jane falls in love with him and they decide to get married. At the wedding, it is revealed that the man she is marrying already has a wife. Jane leaves heartbroken. She goes back to her Aunt Reed's home where he aunt is very sick. Jane tends to her and keeps her until her death. Jane decided to go back to where she had met her betrothed and sees that it was burned down. She than marries the man that she loves.

Jane was.../Bronte was...

Jane was a strong girl that grew into an even stronger woman. She chased her dreams when it was possible and was very independent. Jane was the type of woman that most women would like to be. She thought on her own. she was her own hero and she didn't need a man. Jane's characteristics and even life-events were sculpted from Bronte's own life. Bronte was a strong woman that questioned authority and didn't take any slack for anyone. Bronte was a bit of a feminist and was skeptical about religion.

Lowood/Roe Head

Lowood was the school that Jane was put into by her aunt. This school was run by a very cruel man that made sure that the school didn't get enough food, space, and clothing while his children lived a luxurious lifestyle. While in this school, Jane makes a friend. Her friend soon dies of disease. Then the school is taken over by more generous people and Jane becomes a teacher there. These events parallel Bronte's life. Bronte was also sent to a boarding school and her sisters die. Later on, Bronte also became a teacher at her school, Roe Head.

Would you recommend this novel?


This novel is a great! It is well written and holds many different themes that are inspiring to women. The novel has a strong suggestion for women to think on their own and to question everything. It is an inspiration to question everything and challenge what is expected of you to do what makes you happy.