Speed Dating

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You are invited to a special event

As a way to celebrate Valentines Day and Loving your Library the LIRC team would like to invite you to book your classes in for Speed dating with books event which will be happening from :

Wednesday 12 - Tuesday 18 February in any lesson time you choose. http://bit.ly/1cXns87 - Voluntary participation of course ;-)

Those classes who already have a library booking on those days, have already been booked in.

How does it work?

The students enter the library with some love music playing, hearts and flowers are everywhere, books are spread lavishly across the tables,

They place themselves at a table, we explain how they will be taking someone special home that evening, after their first, 2nd or third date, some may even opt for a blind date or an arranged date.

On the tables are a number of books longing to be opened and held for an extended period of time, the students can stroke them, read the blurb and try them out for 1 minute and then decide if they will take the book home. If they want the book after the first date, they keep it and borrow it.

The activity continues for 2 more rounds, until each student has a book to read. If they do not have one, they can elect a blind date (a book wrapped in brown paper) or they will take the book their teacher or TL decides for them. (an arranged date).

This is great fun for everyone involved. We do all the background work - all you need to do is nominate a time to come along, and remember to be here.

Please visit the google doc http://bit.ly/1cXns87 to nominate a time.