Lets Keep the Planet Beautiful

One car at a time!

Cars- The Reason For Melting?

You always hear people talking about global warming and most people just overlook it. But what if you heard people talking about the world getting engulfed in water? Then would you listen? Everyday, the Maldives' shore is getting smaller and smaller because the water level is rising from the melting ice in the North Pole. Eventually, this will be reality for many places, is this what we want our world to become? Even though we can't reverse what has already started, we can try to stop it where it is. Cars are the main reason why this is happening, due to all of the exhaust coming out of the cars constantly being used by almost everyone in the world.

Making a Change

A fully electric car would be the answer to all of our problems. A fully electric car? Wouldn't that be inefficient? Wouldn't that be expensive? The answer to those questions is NO. There are many ways that the Toyota- Blossom can improve and change our planet.

Facts and Statistics

Toyota- Blossom

Fuel Efficiency- 135/102

Price- $24,856 (CAN)

Power- 110 Horsepower

Colours- Ice, Sky Blue, Rose, Purple/Pink, Silver, Jet Black, Leaf Green, Cherry Red

Features- GPS System, AUX Connection, USB Jack, Heated Front and Back Seats, AC and Heat

Why I Should Buy the Toyota- Blossom

-Electric cars are more expensive than regular cars

-You may pay more to buy the car in the first place, but you will not have to pay for oil changes, you will not have to get the tank cleaned out, and there will be much less maintenance needed for the car. Also, imagine never having to pay for gas again. This becomes reality with the Toyota-Blossom, drive by gas stations and never pay the high prices of gas to fill up your car. The amount that you save on smaller investments, will make up for the extra that you have to pay in the beginning by far.

-Electric cars will take longer to fill/charge up than regular cars

-When cell phones first came out, how long did it take them to charge up completely? Quite a while. But how long do they take to charge now? Some under 30 minutes! Technology is changing every second of every day, and so will charging times. Right now, it takes approximately 20 minutes to charge, but our scientists are working on speeding it up everyday. Plus, you are able to purchase your own charging station to put in your garage for only $50 extra, that attaches to your house's electricity. Then, you can charge your car every night and it will most likely stay charged for the rest of the day (depending on usage).

Electric Cars- The Right Option!

With all of these amazing features in the new Toyota-Blossom, PLUS the fact that your saving our world from being engulfed in water, who would turn down this amazing car? Head to your neighbourhood Toyota dealer today to buy your new car and talk to the dealer about how to personalize this car to make it be the most efficient for you and for the environment!