Orlando United Day

Content: One Year Since Pulse

On June 12th, 2016, the Pulse family and Orlando community was changed forever. 49 innocent lives were taken while being proud to be themselves at an LGBTQ club’s Latin Night. The City of Orlando and Orange County Government, in collaboration with Pulse, have jointly designated June 12, 2017, as “Orlando United Day – A Day of Love and Kindness.” June 12 will be dedicated to honoring the memory of the 49 innocent Pulse victims, supporting survivors and recognizing the compassion and love that was displayed by the Central Florida community following the tragedy. Stand united with Orlando, honor the victims, survivors, and their families, and display love in your own community with any of the following actions:

  • Remember the 49 victims by putting up a physical or digital display, decorating an altar, or holding a candlelight vigil; be mindful of people’s needs for content or trigger warnings

  • Be intentional to acknowledge that the majority of the victims were not only LGBTQ but also Latinx, most of them from Puerto Rican origins; it's also important to note that Black lives were taken during this tragedy

  • Educate yourself about LGBTQ Latinx communities and intersectionality

  • Donate to the onePulse foundation https://onepulsefoundation.org/donate/

  • Take action to eliminate anti-LGBTQ, anti-Latinx& anti-black bias and violence; check out https://honorthemwithaction.org #HonorThemWithAction

  • Raise a rainbow flag in your community, or at your institution, half-mast as a symbol of respect and mourning, and raise it high during Pride Month

  • Organize or support a healing circle or solidarity space for impacted communities, such as LGBTQ Latinx and Afro-Latinx people who want to build community with others for self care

  • Practice self-care, share self-care resources, or authentically connect with LGBTQ Latinx people or impacted individuals in your life to let them know you love them and support their needs https://www.naspa.org/images/uploads/main/LatinxOrlando.pdf

  • Commit to an act of love and kindness https://oneorlandoalliance.org/volunteer/49-acts/, or have your organization participate in A Day of Love and Kindness https://oneorlandoalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/ActLoveGive_Invite_DuoLanguage.pdf

  • Share your story of how June 12th touched your life, or the life of your organization https://oneorlandoalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/acts-of-love-and-kindness-social-suggestions.pdf

  • Share the love on social media with the hashtags #OrlandoUnitedDay and #ActLoveGive, as well as #onelove, #onepulse, #oneorlando, #orlandostrong; be mindful of people’s needs for content or trigger warnings prior to sharing

  • Register your institution or place of worship to toll their bells 49 times on June 12th, 2017 at 12pm noon, and/or post the number “49” on their signs https://oneorlandoalliance.org/49-bells/

  • Donate your time or funds to a supporting organization; check One Orlando Alliance’s LGBTQ+ supporting organizations (https://oneorlandoalliance.org/) or pick an LGBTQ Latinx, immigrant, or other local orgranization of your choice

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Compiled by Latinx Inclusion Co-Chairs for the Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community and Gender & Sexuality Knowledge Community of NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education