Book Report 6

Divergent movie and book. Christian Jackson

How did the book depict the theme? How did the movie adapt to the theme of the book?

1.The book depicts the theme well. The book went into more detail at times and that helped me understand things I was lost about. The theme of this movie/book is, the power to oppose is one of the greatest powers. The main character Tris was different from everyone else and she used that against the bad forces that were using people for bad intentions.

2. The movie adapted to the theme of the book because the main character in the movie also had the same intentions as she did in the book. The antagonists were directing all forces and controlling the factions but Tris had the ability to stop that and she did so.

Which was better?

I believe that the movie was better. I am more of a visual person and it allowed me to relate to the characters on another level. When i was reading the book i pictured Tris looking different then what she actually looked like in the movie. The genre of this movie/ book was action and fantasy. Seeing it with my own eyes helped demonstrate the theme rather then just picturing it in my mind