Love Letter 9/19/16

Volume 2, Letter 4

Thoughts for Reflection

A.P. Philosophy...Education

Vision: "Southmont High School is committed to provide each student with a well-rounded educational program leading to college entrance and/or career paths, which will foster economic independence, social responsibility and life-long learning in the twenty-first century. The students will be creative problem solvers, respecting themselves and others, ready to take their places in a rapidly changing world."

Philosophy of Education:

"As a teacher, I am part of a team. Teachers must collaborate with teachers, secretaries, administrators, school board members, state education officials, parents, and others involved in education to ensure that the education process is adequate for students. Without a collective effort from those involved in the framework of the educational system, less than one-hundred percent is achieved. That is inadequate and students are

the ones at a loss. Furthermore, education must be a collective effort involving students

as well. Students are the focal point of education and should be involved in the process. Teachers and administrators should consult students, when necessary, regarding education. A cooperative effort, such as this, forms a mutual respect among those involved in the process. Respect creates an excellent forum for education."

The above quote is what I wrote as a starry-eyed freshmen undergraduate student. I suppose I'm still a bit starry-eyed, because I still believe it to be true. I find that it helps to re-visit the "why I got into this profession in the first place" train of thought from time to time. It keeps me centered. Yes, this is a job that supports my family, and they come first, but I believe I was called to this, that I am here for a purpose. Thank you for allowing me to fulfill that purpose as part of our team. I feel truly blessed to do my part.

Education Reads

Parent and Teacher Conferences

September 23 - Parents can be the educator's greatest ally. Take time to reach-out to parents and get them here on Friday. It may make all the difference in the education of a student.

Procedures from the A.P.

Things of note:

1). Homecoming week is upon us. It's a fun week, but we're still here to learn. You set the culture and expectations of our building in your classrooms every day no matter what we're celebrating.

2). RTI - as the first grading period comes to a close, take some time to reflect on those Tier 1 interventions that you can do in class. Not every student needs full-blown RTI attention from the RTI team and Mr. Bartlett. Often, those small adjustments that you make in class after analyzing some simple data are enough to help students be successful.

3). Attendance - I want to do a better job of getting students to demonstrate appropriate attendance this year. We do have a few chronic cases that have begun to develop. Take time to touch base with me and the counselors regarding these students. Maybe you know something we don't and vice versa. Keep recording attendance accurately and force me to do my job addressing issues.

Upcoming Assessments from the Test Coordinator

1) 9/14-9/30 - Acuity administered through Math and English classes

2) 9/29 - Advanced Manufacturing Certification tests - Safety and Quality & Precision

3) 10/3-10/14 - Life Skills ISTAR testing

4) 10/24-10/28 - Acuity administered in Math and English classes

5) 11/2 - PSAT in fieldhouse