Michayla Portfolio

English 9 Pindea - Spring 2015

1. Journal Reflection

What are my dreams to the future?

My main dream is wanting to be a meteorologist. Right now I’m going towards this dream by getting good grades and reading more about this career. I also practice and know what to do with the item. My second dream is being a pro basketball player. Having this experience can make a difference in my life. I’ve been playing basketball since 3rd grade. I think I’m ready for the big thing and having challenges. I know that it’s a pain in the butt to get in the WNBA. I practice daily except Wednesdays. My third dream is making my mom proud. This is my third dream because I try to be the person that she wants me to be, but I want to be different. Walking on that stage to get a scholarship to whatever I want to go and a diploma. Going to college and getting a job that I want is something I will taking care of who I am. I’m starting fresh in 2015 because who I was before, that will never be me again.

2. Student Choice Sort Essay

What does it take to be survivor?

In this story the definition of a survivor is to learn how to keep yourself safe and learn how to take care of yourself. The most dangerous game is one in which the lives of the hunter and the hunted are equally at risk, and this occurs only when both are men. Rainsford presumes that hunting is a sport involving no more moral consequences than a game such as baseball. Are challenged when he encounters General Zaroff, who pushed the same ideas to their inhumane limits in his madness. Rainsford, a skilled hunter himself, is intrigued. My personal opinion is that being a survivor is something that you have to know that if you are stuck in the woods and you don’t know how to protect or take care of yourself. You need to know how to kill and get things that needs to be needed.

What is worth fighting for?

The story “The rights to the streets of Memphis” is all about protecting yourself and preventing yourself getting hit. Bullying is the definition of that story. The little boy that was fighting for his life by getting home from the store and then getting bullied because he can’t protect his self. Being this kind of person that I know he don’t want to be is something he needs to tell his mom. His mom is telling him to grow up and be a man about it. She does not want her son being a little girl when he can fight for his self. The thing is he does not know that he can fight back without being a girl. The next day his mom tells him to get a bat and hit them with it if they gone mess with him.

This semester

Dear Michayla Gipson,

This semester was a good part of my high school experience because I actually got a good understanding how much high school does not play with their work. I learned a lot that I didn’t know I would learn. I played but when these SOL’s got close, I made sure I studied and kept my eye on the prize. I’m glad that Ms.Pindea was my teacher because I didn’t want an ignorant English teacher. My favorite part of this semester was that when we played a game in Ms.Pindea class the whole bell and I had fun. My least favorite was when my class wouldn’t shut up and we had to do a vocabulary quiz. I really don’t like my class, but the most important part was learning and having fun in her class.


Michayla Gipson