Extended Due Date for Spanish 3!

Units 1-4 due October 28 @ 11:55pm

con la Sra. Aguirre

We have extended the closing date for work in Weeks 2-7 (Units 1-4) until Friday, October 28 @ 11:55pm.

We are NOT extending the dates for the Getting Started Unit.

This means that students have until next Friday, October 28 @ 11:55pm to complete any assignments from Unit 1 through Unit 4 (lessons 1-5). I have sent an email/text to students about the extended due date.

We hope students do not use this as an excuse to NOT work on finishing up work in Units 1-4 ASAP. We want them to get those assignments completed and submitted and stay on pace with our class so as not to get behind!

We will start Unit 5 on Monday. So, if students wait till next week to finish up Unit 4, he/she will technically still behind and not on pace with the class.

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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre