Unillama's Utopia Update

Volume One

The Utopia Begins

Karmyn and Ansleigh here! Our wonderful sixth grade class is starting a mini society, and every student has an important role. We are glad to say that our's is to hand out an annoying amount of news letters. We are trying our best to produce a news letter every week and make it the best of all!! The jobs are listed below:

Job Name

Money Cutter- Asa

Pay Master- Marina, Sophie

Treasurer- Isaiah

Fine Assessor- Lilly

Island and Tile Supervisor- Reece

Aquatic Supervisor- Daisy

Landlords- JJ, Micah, Ethan P, Travis R, Mina, Samuel

Librarian- Autumn

Manufactured Tree Distributor- Eve

Planner Checkers- Daylynn, Colby

Meteorologist- Stanley

Construction Paper and Board Cleaner- Jamie

Documentation Coordinators- Karmyn, Ansleigh

Judge Apprentice- Mya

Line Leader/Dismissal Officer- Cole

Technology Technicians- Ethan A, Liam

Job Sub- Travis C, Riley

Sports Report

Homer hockey team is still undefeted and claims winner to four tournaments. Bruins is all practice right now, but they plan to have a game sometime soon. Yearbook is every friday unless told otherwise. congrats on surviving the insane isylum of Young'sville for an entire week! Happy pay day!


In the past week we have gained two wonderfull students. Samuel and Riley are our new students. Welcome! We have also given them a job as well.