Remove Chromebooks from our schools

How Chromebooks are used against us

Why to not use Chromebooks

The Chromebooks may be an "upgrade" from our usual tech but because of the ways schools use them they are an invasion of privacy. They never truly turn off and as such when they are kept in your homes they can record every word you say and videotape every move you make.

The consequences they can cause

Because of the fact they don't ever turn off everything you do can be seen and heard by the state which is a major invasion of privacy not to mention a betrayal of trust which can never be re-earned. everything you say around a child's Chromebook may even be used to keep you in line.

Stand as many against one.

Stand up for your right to privacy and do what must be done to ensure that these abominations from the country can be used against the people who have been betrayed us and our trust.