Swimming Classes

Swim for the Win!

Swimming Lessons!

RNT Camp offers swimming for ages 8-12. Swimming lessons are taught by Nishita Gandhi and her by her friends Rakshicaa Thirumuruka and Tehseen Ujjanwala. Swimming lessons from 1-10 are taught. Each child gets time with the instructors as we understand that each child's speed of learning is different. At the end of the camp your child will know the basics of how to swim so when and if they want to continue they will already know the basics at least of swimming.

Qualifications :)

Me, Nishita Gandhi will be teaching how to swim to children. I have a lot of experience in swimming because I have finished all my levels up to 10 and am working towards Bronze Medallion. I believe that all children love swimming if they don't they will start to love swimming as i try my best to make my swimming lessons fun by playing games. Qualifications:-Finished swimming levels up to 10-Has experience with baking at lot of desserts -Has experience with tutoring students in the same or younger grade level-Has a lot of experience in handling a range of kids

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We offer three activites which are all taugth by Nishita Gandhi, Rakshicaa Thirumuruka and Tehseen Ujjainwala. We believe that summer should be fun yet benefical for future years.