Maddie Fetsko & Austin Futrell

What's genetic?

Branch of bioiogy that studies heredity (passing of characteristics from parents to offsprings).

Who discovered genetics?

Gregor Mendel, an Austrian scientist known as the father of genetics. He studied pea plants for genetic trait discovery. He was the first to succeed in predicting how traits would be transferred from one generation to the next.
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Genetic Terms

Punnett Squares

In the punnett square to the right, P represents the dominant gene of a purple flower and p represents the recessive gene of a white flower. When two heterozygous (Pp) cross the genotypical results of their offsprings are 25% PP, 50% Pp, ad 25% pp. The phenotypical results of their offsprings are 75% purple and 25% white.

Complex Patterns of Inheritance

Sex-Linked Traits

-Characteristics determined by genes on sex chromosomes. -Ex: Red/green colorblindness, hemophilia, male pattern baldness, and placement of sweat glands.